Professionalism & Integrity
President Co., Ltd., established in 1969, is a professional and trustworthy material supplier. We supply various materials, ranging from investment casting material, sand casting material, refractories, pure metal and ferroalloy material, lining material to titanium and its alloy. In procurement, we provide various materials with remarkable global sourcing system. In sales, we support our customers with rapid delivery and industrial know-how. In quality control and R&D, we manage to present highly satisfied products and service with ISO9001 system and technical cooperation from USA and Japan.

Our services are all over the Asian market, including golf heads, automotive and railway parts, mechanical hardware parts, aerospace medical, green energy, 3D printing, bicycles, electronics, chemicals, footwear … and other industries.
We understand 80% of defective castings, come from pre-investment casting process.
We have professional knowledge and experience and can provide the following technical services and consultations
  • Basic material testing
  • Slurry management and analysis
  • Wax recycling management and testing
  • Casting defect analysis
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Functional materials development
  • Whole plant construction planning
  • Project consultation